Year of production:2005

Running Time: 00:06:03:08

Color / Sound /

00:06:03:08 is a digital degeneration of both sound and image. The natural element of water is progressively reduced to its digital essence – a series of pulsating patterns of light on the surface of a glass screen.



Year of production:2007

Running Time: 00:00:45:00

Black and White / Sound

00:00:45:00 takes its form from a found roll of film of 15 photographs, which upon inspection contained within its sequence 3 photographs taken in Hiroshima, Japan, sometime shortly after the atomic bomb ‘Little Boy’ was dropped over the city. 00:00:45:00 takes its temporal duration from the length of time it took ‘Little Boy’ to explode over the city after its release from the ‘Enola Gay’.


Year of production:2006​

Running Time: Approx 30min (loop)

Colour / Sound

​MMVI symbolically deconstructs the authority of television as a medium, by literally deconstructing the sanctity of the TV set itself as an object – to be represented as an icon, broken of its authority and rebuilt out of its own parts. This is a clip of a multi-channel work, in which 4 monitors are used to deconstruct the turning off sequence of an individual monitor.  The sequence slows progressively, stretching the length of the off sequence from its fraction of a second duration, toward a virtual stasis.